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Creating Service Manager Incidents

Hello, just wanted to share a quick post on creating incidents in Service Manager 2012R2. I created a custom incident class for my new monitoring device, SevOne.PAS.Workitem.Incident, which extended the existing incident class but I was totally unable to create … Continue reading

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Pester: Unit Testing for PowerShell

Originally posted on Johan Leino:
Pester is a BDD inspired testing framework for PowerShell just like Jasmine is on the JavaScript side and RSpec is on the Ruby side for example (I do believe that JavaScript is one of the…

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When to write a module and why you should write tests.

Today I’m talking about something a little broader than usual.  I’ve started trying to get comfortable with Pester, which is a framework for writing tests in PowerShell.  The first thing I’ve figured out with Pester is that I’m really not … Continue reading

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Denver PowerShell User Group

Hey guys,  The Denver PowerShell user group will be meeting again on Sept 4th.  If you’re interested in coming please sign up on Meetup:  Denver PowerShellers

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Setting Up a NuGet Feed For Use with OneGet

Originally posted on Learn Powershell | Achieve More:
I blogged recently about using OneGet to install packages from an available NuGet feed. By default you can access the chocolatey provider, but you can actually build out your own local repo to…

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Reading log files, Quickly! – Part 1

Hello again everyone! Today I wanted to talk about something I’ve been struggling with for a couple days (although more accurately weeks and months). That being, how to read log files effectively and efficiently? I work for a Managed Services … Continue reading

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Giving Type Names to Your Custom Objects

Hello again! This week I wanted to write about something that I found to be really useful but that I keep forgetting.  Ideally by committing it to a blog I’ll be able to remember it going forward!  So here’s the … Continue reading

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