Setting Up a NuGet Feed For Use with OneGet

Really cool article, I think it’s likely a bunch of us will be hosting private NuGet repositories in place of SCCM servers before too long.

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I blogged recently about using OneGet to install packages from an available NuGet feed. By default you can access the chocolatey provider, but you can actually build out your own local repo to host packages on for your internal organization. One of my examples of adding the package source and installing a package from the source were done using a local repo that I had built.

Building the local repo didn’t take a lot of time and for the most part, it didn’t really involve a lot of work to get it up and running. There is is a well written blog about it, but it only covers the Visual Studio piece and nothing about the IIS installation (it will actually use IIS Express by default) as well as downloading and installing the NuGet.server package (both of which I will be doing using none other than PowerShell).

Another reason for…

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2 Responses to Setting Up a NuGet Feed For Use with OneGet

  1. William H. Davis says:

    I just used the PSRemoting script, it will not work when run a whole script, even after the manual import. I did run the functions one at a time in the correct sequence and they worked great. When I have the master script loaded in the ISE as ADMIN, and I hit the Grenn run button, it just cycles back to my prompt without prompting for a computername as it does when run as a seperate function. Am I missing something, still new to PS but learning quick, thanks for a great job.

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